Platinum Fitness Trainers

Why Platinum

Our Philosophy is simple – proper movement and a positive attitude are the base from which all great fitness achievements spring.

As a result of our modern lifestyle of sitting at a desk, driving long distances, or leaning over our computers – we develop a forward flexed, rounded shoulders posture, losing the perfect mobility we possessed as kids. This eventually causes us to lose basic movement patterns such as squatting, hinging and lunging. When you start a resistance or weight program before you gain proper movement you are simply loading on top of faulty movement patterns and making them worse. We have the solution and will systematically retrain your movement patterns so you move more naturally and injure yourself less.

founding-teamFounding Team

Peter Park, Kelly Park and Craig Donen founded Platinum Fitness Summerland in 2006 to bring specialized training to the community. Their unique combination of athletic experience and training expertise helps everyone from world-class athletes to teens to active adults maintain their strength, mobility and overall quality of life.