“The friendly and intelligent training I have received at Platinum has helped me surpass the level of fitness I achieved during my collegiate and post collegiate athletic career.”
– Greg Van Wyk – Former Collegiate Football Player

“The trainers at Platinum are dedicated, focused and have done an excellent job training my family. My kids have received fantastic core, cardio and weight training for basketball and volleyball. It has made a difference in their performance. The trainers get the most out of their clients.”
– Kira Fay

“My first year of Foundation work at Platinum has totally changed my physique and mental outlook. It is a critical and rewarding part of my week.”
– Chandler Williamson

“It is a privilege to be able to come and train at Platinum. The trainers are knowledgeable and educated in the latest techniques, exercises and nutrition. Every session is challenging and the fitness growth is evident. Whatever your fitness goals, these are the people who can help to achieve those fitness and health goals.”
– Matt Ladin

“The environment at Platinum really motivates me to push myself and the workouts are always challenging and never the same so I always enjoy them!”
– Jen Markham

“I’ve tried many gyms in the past. After 10 years I will say that Platinum Fitness has by far provided me with the best insight on how to stay healthy and strong.”
– J.D. Ottery