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  • Men’s Volleyball, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • BA in History, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • AVP Volleyball Player
  • CSCS Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Favorite Coffee Shop: Handlebar Coffee Roasters
  • Favorite Restaurant: Holdrens Steak House

My plan was to have a long pro volleyball career...

...and after that, teach high school history and coach volleyball - and surf when the waves are good. But life took a turn when I suffered a career-ending knee injury. During the a long rehab and recovery period, I became fascinated with the science of physical rehabilitation and the methods of developing strength and stability to overcome injury - and prevent it in the first place. So after I retired from the AVP, I decided that instead of teaching history, I'd become a strength and conditioning trainer and educate people about how to avoid the pain and misery I went through. So I still ended up a teacher - and I still surf when the waves are good. 

Postural Restoration Institute (PRI)... 

...which I've been practicing now for several years, focuses attention on bringing back body balance through activation and inhibition techniques. Through breathing and realignment of the diaphragm and pelvis, we can learn how to move well again and overcome the pain and injury. At first, PRI might seem complicated, it's not like any other kind of training, but most of my clients take right to it.  And after a few weeks, and they start moving well again, and then we safely begin strength, and cardio training.  

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During the first meeting with a client...

...I learn a lot about them. First, I just have them stand. I look at their posture, their diaphragm and pelvis positions, are they hyper-extended or crooked and leaning to one side? Do their toes point outward (externally rotated) or inward (internally rotated)? I swear, I can spot someone who sits at a desk all day from a mile away. And then I watch them move, walking, hinging, squatting, and then we talk diet and what their long-range goals are. Based on that and my assessment, I describe the program I’d design for them.

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Diet or nutrition... one of the most confusing things for people, so I keep my advice simple: Eat real foods, including lots of vegetables, don't load up on carbs, stay away from anything processed, but on weekends, nothing wrong with a burger and fries or a burrito. Again, real simple - and it usually works. But: some clients require more nuance, like the high school athletes I train (boys, not girls). To them eating crap is a badge of honor! And the more you hound them about it, the more they defy you. The way I get through to them is teach them how much diet affects their performance. Performance is everything to them. How did I learn that? Yup. I was just like them.

My goal as a trainer is to keep learning...

There's always something new to know. I especially like to read physical therapy texts and strength and training books and attend PRI and other fitness and training seminars. And then I take what I learn, experiment on myself and then apply it all to my clients. Working with them and making progress is where I learn the most.

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I train a lot of different kinds of people...

... from guys my age who just want to keep playing hoops and ski, a lot of middle-age clients who had injuries and are working their way back, several high school baseball, basketball and volleyball players going for scholarships. But I have one client - my absolute favorite - who has a degenerative disease. That’s a challenge, but one I love because he works harder than anyone, he’s super persistent and focused, and it helps him stay strong and mobile. I also have helped Peter train his NBA players in LA. I really enjoy that, those guys are incredible athletes.

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What I like most about Platinum Fitness is...

...Peter has assembled a solid team of trainers who, like me, are looking to know more and are willing to share their knowledge.  

(805)  895-2622

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