Caitie Schmitz

  • Four-time All-American sprinter
  • Qualified for Nationals 11 times between the 100m and 200m sprints and the 400m and 1600m relays
  • BS Exercise Science, emphasis in Strength and Conditioning, University of Wisconsin, La Crosse
  • MS Human Performance, University of Wisconsin, La Crosse
  • Strength and Conditioning coach for over ten years
  • Certified Precision Nutrition Coach
  • CSCS Certified - Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Certified USA Track and Field Coach
  • CSAC Certified Speed and Agility Coach
  • Former Weight lifting instructor, University of California, Santa Barbara
  • Former Track and Field Coach, Santa Barbara High School
  • FMS- Functional Movement Screen Certified


After getting my master's in exercise science...

...I did an internship at the IMG Academy  in Florida, because my plan was to train college athletes. And I loved it.  But as I started training general clients - middle-aged professionals who had gained weight and gotten out of shape, elderly folks who couldn’t move well anymore, high school kids who have so much energy, but don’t know how to use their bodies yet - that’s when my education and training really paid off, and where I make the biggest impact. And get the most gratification.  

With any new client I start by doing an extensive assessment...

... based on the Functional Movement Screen developed by Gray Cook. From that assessment, I design a systemized program based on individual needs. I am a big fan of progressions in training, rather than just throwing random exercises together. Are they a sprinter looking for more power and explosiveness? A middle-aged woman who wants to lose weight and get fit again? A teenager who’s never exercised before? They all have different needs. That said, they all start in the same place: learning how to create stability before they progress. If you don’t have stability you’re going nowhere.

I have a client in her 60s...

...who came to me 3 years ago because she was experiencing an achy back, wanted to prevent age-related decline, and be able to catch herself if she fell and not break a hip.  When she started, she couldn’t do a correct push-up from the floor.  But with gradual progression, she is now able to do  multiple WEIGHTED push-ups from the floor - all with perfect form.  This is what makes me so happy as a trainer - clients being empowered by their newly developed strength and seeing their true potential!  She looks and feels fabulous and STRONG!

When it comes to helping clients lose  weight...

...proper nutrition is just as important - if not more so - than exercise. I do not give clients fad diets, because they're not sustainable. They fail 95% of the time. Instead, I teach people proven habits and also strategize solutions based on their individual needs. That helps them lose the weight, but more importantly, keep it off for good.  

Platinum Fitness could be called Platinum University...

Most of the trainers are former pro or amateur athletes with kinesiology or exercise science degrees and who are CSCS certified and who Peter hand-picked and trained himself. Most of us go to seminars, get certified in nutrition, kettlebell use, and other new kinds of training. And everyone shares what they learn so we are all continuing our education in-house. That’s why I love working there.

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I’ve always been strong and agile, my go-to activities were race-walking, hiking and backpacking. But at 62, I had developed osteoporosis. My back would go into spasms and I would be incapacitated with pain for weeks at a time. I began feeling old and fragile. Then I found Caitie, and I have never looked back! We meet 2 times a week without fail. My muscles are once again well balanced and strong. My glutes and abdominals have never been stronger. My arms are my pride and joy! And my back – well, I don’t have spasms any more.

Caitie challenges me, AND she believes in me, I feel strong and safe - and like the luckiest woman in the world!
— Ann Dusenberry

Caitie Schmitz is a great trainer. Knowledgable and inspiring. She is great at designing workouts to fit whatever my physical needs and or limitations are at any given time. She listens carefully to what is going on with my body and then gently but firmly moves me ahead to gain better strength and mobility.
— Brad Fiedel

Before I started training with Caitie I thought I was in good shape. I had been going to another trainer consistently for two years. Then I started training with Caitie and all the things I thought were hereditary, age related, or simply the given shape of my body changed! It was truly inspiring and empowering to see the changes and what I could accomplish. I even set a time goal for a 5k which I surpassed with Caitie’s help, and she was just as excited about it as I was! Caitie is an amazing trainer; she is knowledgeable, motivated, and has an incredible work ethic. I not only look forward to working out with her but also talking with her (when I’m not out of breath). She is a great part of my day or week and has definitely made my life better. Thank you Caitie!
— Heather Hadley

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