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Chad Stewart

  • Top California State High School Swimmer
  • Los Angeles County Lifeguard
  • United States Navy Crewman
  • College Swimming Coach, Biola University
  • Certified Kettlebell Instructor
  • CSCS Certified
  • 2007 OCR Adventure Race Winner & Record Holder
  • Expert rock climber
  • Paragon Purple Belt in jui jitzu

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First time I met Peter Park...

...was during my first ironman triathlon, the Vineland in Sonoma in 1993. Actually, I didn’t exactly "meet" Peter that day; I just saw him run past me. Not long after that, around mile 21 of the marathon, I collapsed and was taken to the emergency room. That’s how I learned you have to actually train for races.

My Naval assignment was four years in Yokosuka, Japan...

...where I really got into rock climbing. I spent most of my time climbing at Takatori Yama, a place called Eagle Mountain, an outdoor rock climbing gym with really good bouldering, and strong, powerful moves.

During my four years overseas...

...I became fluent in Japanese, and after my service I went to Chile to perfect my Spanish, and then China for a couple of months before coming back to California and becoming a college swim coach. Then, I moved to Santa Barbara.

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When I moved to Santa Barbara... 

...I got a job at Santa Barbara Running store and started running with the owner, Joe Devrees. Because of my experience as a swim coach, with rock climbing and weight lifting, Joe suggested I become a trainer and set me up with Peter. I thought I knew a lot about training, but as I shadowed Peter during that year, I learned how much I didn’t know about real, functional training. When I was ready, Peter graciously handed me several of his own clients to get my career started. That was 13 years ago.

Like most of us at Platinum I put my clients through circuits...

... but some trainers save the cardio until the end of the workout. I like to mix cardio in with strength circuits. That keeps the heart rate up the whole workout, so they get a whole hour of cardio benefits.

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I listen to what my clients’ goals are...

...and make suggestions about how we can help achieve them. And I like to be creative, teach new exercises or stretch clients in different and unexpected ways. But I never push them to do things they don’t want to. I want them to learn to love working out, not see it as drudgery.

I love ice cream...

...and still eat it sometimes. But other than that, I don’t eat any foods to which sugar’s added. As for the rest of my diet, I eat mostly vegetables, a moderate amount of protein, and not too many carbs. The simpler the approach the easier to follow. That approach to eating is what I pass on to my clients.

(805) 252-3768

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