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Chris Latham

Clinical Nutritionist

  • Masters of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition
  • Member of the Institute for Functional Medicine, American College of Nutrition, and American Nutrition Association
  • Certified Nutrition Specialist
  • Specialization in GI health, sports nutrition, and overall wellness
  • Sports: Water Polo, Triathlons, Duathlon, Marathon, surfing, paddling, skiing
  • Past President, Santa Barbara Triathlon Club
  • Triathlete of the year in 2013
  • ISSA Certified Trainer

I’ve lived in a lot of different places, done a lot of different jobs...

...but the constant in my life has always been training and racing.

I got my MS in Clinical Nutrition... 

...followed by a CNS. I'm so happy with the way things worked out.

For people who come to me for nutritional guidance...

...the first step is a 10-minute consult to see if we’re the right fit. What are you looking for? You want me to create a meal plan? You’re an athlete and need advice on diet or supplements? To assure we're a good fit for each other, I need to know as much about your health history as possible. There might be information about you that you thought irrelevant but is extremely important to me. For this reason, you'll complete a health history intake form which I've created. After that, we'll sit down and I can discuss my assessment based upon that history and your goals. Our discussion will include dietary changes, exercise, stress-management, supplement and laboratory recommendations, and suggestions for optimal sleep." I create a nutritional roadmap that tells you what turns to make, what onramps to take, and ultimately, how to get to your desired destination.

A lot of my focus is on gut health.

I deal with the whole body, of course, but I always start with the gut.

A lot of clients come to me and say...

..."I’ve been working out at a gym now for several months and I haven’t lost any weight" and they're confounded as to why. Look, training's key to getting and staying healthy, but if you want to lose weight, it’s your diet that needs to change.

When it comes to health and wellness, I have a real soft spot for teenage girls...

I remember what it was like, battling self-image issues, weight, acne, and hormones. And oftentimes these issues are diet-related. Making nutrition changes can be the difference maker during those tough years. 

I recommend eating...

...as many different kinds of food as you can. Our bodies love variety. Lean pastured-raised meats? In small portions, terrific. Organic vegetables and fruits? Essential. And personally, I eat only gluten-free grain, like quinoa, because gluten sparks inflammation.

Too many people eat meals at their desks...

...or in front of the TV. The very best part of my day is a long, slow dinner at home with my family. That feeds me in so many other ways too.