Morgan Roberts

  • Two-time all state Division One basketball player

  • All-State Division One football player

  • San Diego State, Division 1 Recruited Basketball Player

  • B.S. Psychology, Minor Exercise Science and Sports Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine, CPT since 2005

  • C.S.C.S. certified (Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach)

  • Foundation instructor certified Level I, II, and III

  • Certified Kettlebell Trainer

  • CPR/AED, 2007/09/11/13/15/17. Red Cross

  • 12 years of Individual and group coaching experience for beach volleyball and basketball

In high school I played football, basketball, and volleyball...

As long as I was outdoors and had a ball in my hand, I was a happy boy.

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My plan was to become a physical therapist...

...I did all the perquisites, worked as a physical therapist aide, and spent 12 years working under the tutelage of physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors, and certified athletic trainers. And I married a PT! But the doctors I was working with guided me toward training and working with young athletes, guiding them through the physical and mental aspects of getting better at their sport. I remember thinking, 'I wish I'd had someone to do that for me when I was a kid.' That's when I got hooked on being a trainer, and I never looked back.

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I met Peter Park in 2007...

...and that's when I started training at Platinum. Peter and the other trainers here do things differently than other gyms, and encourage us to keep learning - from them and outside Platinum. It was like going back to school all over again. 

Bridging the fitness gap from competitive CIF high school athletes...

...to Division 1, intercollegiate-ready athletes, that's a challenge I have loved. Over the years I’ve worked with 43 Division-1 athletes at universities like Notre Dame, USC, Duke, Stanford and UCLA, and worked with such NBA players as Jabari Parker, Kenneth Faried, Al Horford, Marcus Smart, Brandon Jennings, Jamal Crawford, Derek Fisher, and Luke Walton.

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Longevity is most important to my philosophy as a strength coach.

So every workout is individualized and predicated on that fundamental concept of longevity.

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I like taking on clients who have failed...

...and failed and failed. To overcome injuries or to achieve just a good level of fitness. It's a challenge for me, and helping them succeed after they've gone through so much, that's what keeps guys like me on the job. 

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Several Platinum trainers (including me) have been studying and practicing postural restoration (PRI)...

...which has been key for a lot of my clients' recovery. But PRI might not be right for everyone. Maybe  Foundation training would work better for him, or kettlebells might be exactly what she needs. And then once the client progresses, you reevaluate, maybe now she is ready for kettlebells. That's why trainers have to possess a mastery of as many training methods as possible. The more arrows in the quill the more effective you can be. 

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My first visit with a new client is a free assessment... 

I look at the whole body, head to toe, and at all the plains of movement. I watch them stand, walk, lunge, squat, deadlift. I ask a lot of questions, take copious notes, and then we discuss the program I would design for them and what goes into a lifestyle change, so they're clear about what it will take to reach their goals.  

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No one gets a weight till they earn it... 

Until they're moving right... No way. That's an injury waiting to happen.

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Most people ask me for nutrition advice...

Personally, I'm super strict about what I eat; eating right is just how I live. I don't expect anyone to live like me, so here's some simple tips I offer my clients:

  • To those who say they don't have enough time to make healthy meals, I say prep your food ahead of time. That way you avoid the trap of eating fast or otherwise unhealthy food.
  • However much alcohol you're drinking and bread you're eating, cut those amounts in half, and replace it with water.
  • Eat a lot of fruits and veggies, NO processed foods, and cut out as much sugar from your diet as possible.
  • Use an app like My Macros (https://getmymacros.com) that help you track your total dietary intake.

Platinum is a mom and pop, diamond in the rough...

Peter's built a brand, a family, all the clients and trainers know each other, and it's the smartest, most innovative gym because people are learning and challenging each other without secrecy, drama or the BS that goes on in other places. This place has been my family for ten years. You can change your life here if you let it.


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Morgan cares! He shows up amped, well prepared, and always inspires me to excel to my best. My shoulder is at 100% strength and I’m as dynamic in the surf as ever. Can’t thank him enough for his support and dedication as a trainer and a friend!
— Gabe V.

Recovering from three knee surgeries over 10 Years is never an easy or quick recovery. After experiencing multiple Physical therapist and Personal trainers my strength and muscle memory has still never recovered, until... Morgan Roberts came into my life.

Since working with Morgan my leg has finally regained its strength and become what it once was. I have learned life changing techniques that have been used in all parts of my life. I couldn’t imagine finding anyone else and am so thankful for all of Morgan’s knowledge he has passed onto me.
— Brian C.

Morgan provides the kind of customized, smart training I need to successfully perform the sports I love. He helped me to train and strengthen through an injury, using specific deep tissue therapy in conjunction with specialized exercises. He is extremely knowledgeable, passionate about his work, and constantly pursues cutting edge techniques through advanced courses.
— Tina

Morgan has been my trainer for 10 Years and I couldn’t recommend him more highly. He is professional, smart and engaging and has the knowledge to diagnose and treat sports injuries that keeps me on the tennis court!
— Michael B.

When I met Morgan seven years ago, I suffered from chronic neck, back and shoulder pain. After years of running, I had no posterior strength and poor posture. Morgan has transformed me into a balanced, flexible and strong fifty-year-old athlete. Beyond that, he has become a life long friend.
— David W.

Morgan Roberts has been my trainer for several years He has improved my balance, strength, breathing, and flexibility.

We met when I was considering surgery on my left shoulder to repair rotator cuff injuries. Having had two surgeries on my right shoulder and needing to switch to my left hand to play tennis, I was not ready to give up playing the sport I enjoyed so much. By working with Morgan, I was able to avoid that surgery by strengthening the surrounding muscles in that shoulder. Moreover our work has improved my right shoulder so that now I can serve and hit overheads with my right arm. The improvement in my balance and posture have also made me a better athlete at the other sports I enjoy: biking and skiing.

We have added a new approach to breathing in my training regimen that has improved my stamina greatly.

But I would also like to recommend Morgan because I have come to know him and admire him personally. He is extremely knowledgeable and caring in addition to being flexible in our scheduling. I am happy that we have developed a close relationship.
— Mark L.